Frequently Asked Questions for Suppliers

Below are the frequently asked questions and their answers. Please ensure you read these before contacting us with an issue you may have.

Subcontract market advertises new contracts daily on an on-going basis and this increases your chances of securing a contract.
Yes, you only make one payment of £15 when you submit a quote.
No, there are no limits you can quote for more than one contract daily and can take on more than client at a time. The Golden rule is provision of good service.
It is user friendly, its daily updated with opportunities, it creates a connection for Collection, you can quote for any contract from £300 - £500,000
It will increase your sales; it gives you new business opportunities and link with finance for your business.
Yes only when you are about to quote.
None. We will vett and present sub-contractor to the Buyer.
That is done directly with the buyer after short listing.
Your details will be forwarded to the Buyer.
You will automatically be registered when you sign up.
By clicking on the current jobs icon on the home page, then search for contracts either by category or simply search all.
Deadlines are set by Buyers.
Not in all cases, but after short listing prepare to be interviewed by the buyer.
We run training programmes, workshop and Seminars on a regular basis. We invite suppliers and encourage them to attend.